🎶 Musical Interlude 🎶 Purple Rain (feat. Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff).

Advisory Warning: Do not attempt to listen to this song without earbuds or headphones. A quiet space is required and dimming the lights is recommended. 

Three things you need to know about this cover of Prince’s Purple Rain before you commit to listening to it.

One—it’s strings and whispers and a melodious and emotionally rich voice that will escort you through the depths of everything you’ve got bottled  up inside you . . . but it will guide you through expertly and safely. I tested the ride out myself and the equipment is solid. No need for a safety belt, either.

Two—you’ll need a quiet room and earbuds or headphones. I know I already said that in the advisory warning but you may not have been paying attention. Remember also that the whispering sotto voce needs to be heard and I promise you there are moments when the violins brush so gently against the little snails in your ears that they will not shrink from the touch of the music.

Three—you might need a pick me up tune afterward. I’ll drop one in at the end of this post.

 And that’s it. Catch you on the other side.


Amanda Palmer, with the support of 8,000 patrons, pays tribute to one of her biggest idols, Prince, in collaboration with Jherek Bischoff, with whom she had toured with as part of the grand theft orchestra. They were both “barely recovered from [David] Bowie’s death and the work [they] did on the Strung out in Heaven EP” when Prince died, so they texted each other and began collaborating on Purple Rain.

“Like with bowie…we could think of no better action than to get into the studio, and mourn and feel prince using the music. there is no better medicine. to all of our beloved…punch a higher floor.” ~afp (Amanda Fucking Palmer)


By the way, I recommend the cover that afp and jfb did of Heroes for that pick me up tune that I mentioned above. You can find it at Strung Out In Heaven: A Bowie String Quartet Tribute. ~ RLR