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[Deflecting Errant Arrows] by Sallie Vandagrift

Dear Dad, 

I started my morning with an email from you.

I wish you had written to say hello or ask me about my week but you sent a forwarded list boasting 26 Things Trump Has Done Since Taking Office. 

I read it, incredulous, and thought about conversations we’ve had about politics and more importantly about my life. I try to be respectful of our differences and still speak my mind. So, when you send me messages like this it breaks my heart because it means you don’t truly know me or you don’t hear and respect me.

Let me introduce myself so you can see me clearly:

I’m the same person I’ve been since I was a teen. You raised me to to pray for those in need and taught me to look to Jesus for an example—I saw a beautiful badass revolutionary with a heart of compassion in a troubled world. Jesus saw through Pharisees. Whether He was turning over tables, feeding the hungry on the Sabbath, or sparing a woman who would have been stoned, Jesus has always been always about love. This understanding has shaped me into who I am. 

I march for women. My best friend is gay. My house is full of welcomed guests, wherever they’re from, especially when life is rough and they can’t go home. I raised my children to care about our environment and for those whose rights have been ignored. When I tell you that your granddaughter is facing water cannons and tear gas at Standing Rock . . . are you hearing me?

Hear these words from someone whose first mode is love: 

I stand against the politics of this administration. I resist because of my faith; because of how you raised me; because of my children; because of this world’s suffering, because of love. If you can see me now, Dad, ask yourself why you would send me emails that gloat over the things I’m battling. 

Remember your target before you send errant arrows.




Sallie is a writer of literary fiction and nonfiction with short stories published in The Sun and Coffee Talk. She’s served as program coordinator for Writers In The Schools (Eugene, Oregon) and facilitated creative writing groups with youth in detention and treatment programs. Sallie enjoys spending time with her husband and five children in an old pink Craftsman house that always has a fix-it project, a new ghost story, and a fresh tomato in the garden.


Editor’s Note: 
Investigative readers may find it as difficult locating “26 Things Trump Has Done Since Taking Office” online as I did so I’ve provided a list of “23 terrifying things that President Trump has done in the last seven days.” ~RLR


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